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Baby Carriers and Baby Slings

ring sling baby carrier

Baby carrier ring slings consist of a length of fabric pulled through two rings, creating a pouch to comfortable carry your baby.  The rings make ring sling baby carriers super easy to adjust so they are a one size fits all baby carrier. Ring slings are gaining in popularity as an ideal baby nursing solution while keeping your hands free and are suitable from newborn onwards.

ring sling baby carrier
Rainbow Ring Sling Carrier

The benefits of using ring slings are many, for both baby and mother.

  • Easy walking, shopping and all types of activity, you don’t need to look for elevators or lifts for buggy access.
  • Both hands are kept free for other activities.
  • Baby is in the perfect position for breastfeeding.
  • Ring slings are fully secure yet quickly and easily adjustable while on the go.
  • When in the sling, you little one lies in close contact with you giving baby a sense of security and comfort.
ring sling baby carrier
Rainbow Ring Sling Carrier

Our Rainbow and Azurine ring slings are made with 100% luxuriously soft breathable cotton. Being longitudinally solid yet diagonally elastic provided baby with optimal support in every direction. Ring slings keep your baby’s legs in the perfect frog-leg position, allowing them to face you but with enough space to see everything that is going on around them.

mens ring sling baby carriers
Azurine Ring Sling Carrier

Amazonas Mei Tai Baby Carriers are extremely versatile and comfortable to wear, being perfect for everyday activity and when out and about. Your baby sits in the recommended frog leg position, which is very important for the healthy development of your baby’s spine and hip. Thanks to the padded shoulder straps the Mei Tai is easy to tie. Thus, it is a perfect combination of baby sling and carrier, completely without a rack or a buckle.

baby carrier
Mei Tai Baby Carrier

The Mei Tai carrier has all advantages of a baby sling but is as quickly and easily to put on as a standard carrier and, as both the shoulder and the waist straps are tied, the Mei Tai baby carrier can be easily adjusted to individual requirements.

baby carriers ireland
Green Striped Mei Tai

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