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How to Swaddle your Baby

muslin swaddle blankets

This post is for those who want to know what muslin swaddle blankets are and how to use them for swaddling.

What is Swaddling?

Swaddling is an age old tradition of wrapping your baby to help them settle and sleep. Swaddling is great for newborn babies to approximately 3 months old. Swaddling is believed to recreate the snug environment within the womb and gives newborn babies a sense of security. Muslin Swaddling Blankets are ideal for this as muslin cloth is fully breathable and keeps your baby warm without overheating.

Our muslins come in the larger size and can be used for practically anything. During the Summer months use muslins as lightweight baby blankets. They can also be used as quick DIY bibs, burping cloths, baby wipes and breastfeeding cover cloths.

baby swaddling muslins ireland
Easy Baby Swaddling

When my son was little I used muslin blankets as moses basket and cot sheets, pram mattress covers, clipped to the buggy hood as a sun screen cover, DIY changing mat and as a floor cover when playing outside the house.

Baby muslins are easily hand or machine washed and dry in super quick time, so you won’t need a large supply. Honestly, muslins are one of the best gifts you can give for a new baby.

The baby muslins in Ireland available from Fay Designs Baby Shop include; muslin swaddling blankets, baby muslin cloths, baby muslin wraps, muslin cloths, muslin swaddle blankets, muslin squares and muslins for babies.

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If you have any queries about muslin cloths or swaddling please contact me or leave a comment below and I will answer as quickly as I can.

x x Geraldine

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What baby clothing is best for Summer?

Do you ever wonder what type of baby clothing is best for your baby during the Summer months? From personal experience with my own son, I found loose cotton baby clothing to be the best choice. Choose baby clothing that allows your little one to move about comfortably and easily and won’t cause overheating. Natural fibre baby clothing works best as they are temperature regulating, man made fabrics tend to trap heat and can quickly become uncomfortable on humid days.

Denim in Summer? Denim tends to be a stiffer fabric and will restrict your baby’s movement more than cotton or linen. For this reason I generally avoid denim in Summer. But you can use the softer denim cotton alternative. Many baby clothing outlets now offer denim cotton mix clothing for babies, the cotton mix creates a much softer fabric which your little one will love.

Cotton is still my all time Summer baby clothing favourite fabric. Cotton is a totally natural breathable fabric, will not chaff baby’s delicate skin and causes the least allergies in children compared to other fabrics. Go one better and choose organic cotton for newborn baby Summer clothing.

It is important that baby’s hands and especially feet are covered on cool days. Baby hands and feet get cold very easily. Baby’s head is important too. Cover their head with a cute cap or baby hat, this is especially important for newborn babies.

Keep it loose. Nothing is more uncomfortable than wearing tight clothing on warm Summer days (or nights). Loose clothing is best for your baby on hotter days, dress them in a bigger size to ensure that their clothing is loose enough for complete comfort. Babies grow so quickly it’s sometimes a challenge to keep a stock of loose clothing available.

Head protection is essential. Baby skin is very sensitive so it is very important to protect their head from the sun. If you and you little one are out during the hottest part of the day, you can throw a muslin swaddle cloth over their pram or buggy hood. Muslin cloths allow full light through but will protect from the most harmful of the rays.

If you have any tips or suggestions for dressing little ones during the Summer months I would love to hear them, please leave your comment.