Swarovski Pearls

Precious-Pearl-Earrings-WhiSwarovski pearls are simulated pearls of the highest quality in the world. Crystal Pearls by Swarovski are based around a crystal core. Their unparalleled harmonious and lustrous shimmer is achieved by using a unique coating technology developed by Swarovski. This is the first production method in the world which combines the qualities of a perfect crystal core with the exquisite beauty of a pearl coating. The innovative technology by Swarovski gives the pearls a mysterious glow which appears to radiate from within the pearl itself. The surface finish of Crystal Pearls is absolutely flawless. Unless you are used to dealing with pearls, it is very difficult to distinguish between a natural cultured pearl and a Swarovski pearl.

June Birthstone JewelleryLustre: The innovative coating technology developed by Swarovski ensures a perfect replica of the translucent finish on natural pearls and gives a glow which appears to radiate from within the pearl itself.

Surface: They have a smooth sensuous surface texture.

Perception: If you touch natural pearls they appear initially as relatively cold but then slowly adapt to the warmth of your skin – Swarovski pearls achieve exactly the same effect.

Weight: Appropriate to the moderate weight of natural pearls. The high specific weight of the crystal core affords the Swarovski Crystal Pearls the same moderate weight as cultured pearls.

Resistance: They are resistant to general wear, perspiration, sunrays, scratches, perfumes and washing.

Midnight Freshwater Pearl NecklaceCaring for your Pearl Jewellery: Store your pearl jewellery in its soft pouch or padded gift box separate from other jewellery to avoid scratches. An occasional buffing with a soft cloth will help maintain its original lustrous finish. Avoid exposing gold or rhodium plated metal parts to chemicals; reserve your jewellery as a finishing touch of your outfit, after using perfume or hair spray. We also recommend removing all jewellery before taking a bath or going into a swimming pool.