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Keep it Simple – Less is More

Minimalist Jewellery

When it comes to accessorising, sometimes the best option is to keep it simple. After the big bold designs of 2015 and 2016, minimalist jewellery is making a comeback in 2017. . . . . . .

Eternal Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Classic elegant designs never go out of fashion. They are essentials in every jewellery box and can be worn over and over again.

Eilleen peach freshwater pearl bracelet
Eilleen Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Eilleen is beautifully dainty and petite, an adorable freshwater pearl bracelet will soon become a most cherished design.

Each lustrous freshwater pearl is a translucent shade of peach and oval in shape measuring 5-7mm x 4-5mm. Each pearl is individually hand knotted with rose pink silk.

You can also choose from creamy white or deeply black silk.Placing a knot between each pearl ensures that the pearls do not rub against one another thereby causing damage. Hand knotting your pearl bracelet will allow it to drape very elegantly around your wrist.

Add a sterling silver charm for extra impact.


This beautiful sterling silver Tree of Life pendant is so delicate and pretty. Add your birthstone crystal for a personal touch.

Tree of Life Birthstone Pendant

The disc is 19mm in diameter and the sparkling Swarovski crystal is a 6mm bicone. This pendant is perfect as a 1st Holy Communion gift, for Confirmation or for any occasion.

Amethyst Gemstone Bar Pendant

The simplicity of this design will make it your go-to necklace again and again.

A row of delicate amethyst semi precious gemstones are set on a sterling silver bar and chain. I love this shade of amethyst, it is slightly transparent allowing it appear darker or lighter depending on the background.

The gemstone bar has a very very slight curve and measures just over 4cm (1.6 inches) in length. A mix of amethyst rectangles and rondelles give this necklace a wonderful minimalist contemporary look.



But minimal doesn’t have to mean boring, it can be understated but still be different and eye-catching.

Rock Crystal Gemstone Bracelet


Dubha Crystal Earrings
Signe Black Pearl Earrings
Signe Black Pearl Necklace

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