Jewellery Repairs

I specialise in designing and making jewellery and am able to undertake most handcrafted jewellery repairs and re-stringing.

If you originally purchased your jewellery from Fay Designs less than a year ago then your repair will be free. If it is over a year please email me at or text or call me on 086 3522191 to arrange your repair.

But don’t worry if your jewellery was purchased elsewhere, I am sure I can help you.

The following costs are for repair only. Postage of return items is charged at €3.49 for standard post and €6.99 for registered post. Please note that Fay Designs will NOT bear responsibility for any items lost in the post if standard post is chosen.

Repairs at a value of €60.00 and over will sent by registered post and there will be no postage cost to you.

If you would like to enquire about a repair please contact me.

Necklace Re-stringing
Basic restring where all components are in place is €25.00 per strand for any length up to and including 20 inch.
Over 20 inch is €30.00.

Bracelet Re-stringing
Basic restring where all components are in place is €12.00 per strand for any length up to and including 10 inch.

Replacement Clasp
Non Precious Metal Clasp €12.00
Sterling Silver Trigger Clasp €16.00
Gold Filled Trigger Clasp €22.00

Earring Repair
Standard repair if all components are in place is €10.00
Non precious metal ear wire replacement is €10.00
Sterling silver ear wire replacement is €20.00
Gold filled ear wire replacement is €30.00

Pearl Re-knotting
Pearl Bracelet is €15.00 per strand
Necklace up to 16 inch is €30.00 per strand and €1.50 per inch thereafter.

I carry out all re-knotting with 100% silk string. The process involves cutting each pearl loose, cleaning each pearl, clearing hole blockages and polishing clasps etc. This process takes time so please allow a couple of weeks for me to complete this work.

I will re-string your pearls using the same method they were originally strung. If you prefer I can use gimp wire (French wire) at an extra cost of €3.00. (This is the tradition method of string pearls and protects the string as it sits in the clasp).

If you need a replacement clasp this will involve a complete re-stringing as I will have to cut the original string to replace the clasp. The cost will be the re-stringing cost plus the clasp cost as above.

It is recommended that you have your pearls restrung at least every 8-10 years. If they receive more wear or are made with heavier pearls, you may need to have them restrung more often.

You may find that your pearl string is slightly shorter after re-stringing, this is because silk stretches over time and the original knots will have become worn and stretched. The new silk string will be much more taut and the knots tighter therefore shortening your necklace/bracelet. Please count your pearls before you send them to me, I won’t be offended, I promise.

Rosary Repair
It’s always a shame when a family heirloom breaks. Gather up whatever beads and pieces you can and I will bring your treasure back to life.

I individually wire wrap each bead by hand using an interlocking method. This involves passing the wire through the bead and wrapping it back around itself on each side of the bead forming a loop at each end, The wire is then passed through this loop before wrapping it around the next bead and so on. This means that there are no open loops between each bead and therefore no weak points that can pull apart.

I use tarnish resistant silver or gold plated wire or dark copper wire.

Rosary repair is €55.00 if all beads are available and if you have the centrepiece and crucifix. If you have most of the beads I can usually work them into a new design at no extra cost.

I can supply a centre medal or crucifix at €5.00 per item in either pewter, gold or silver tone or copper.

This price included the cost of registered postage.

Jewellery Resizing
The cost of resizing depends on the new length required and the materials used sterling silver, semi precious gemstone etc. Sometimes I will have to restring your jewellery in the new length or might only need to add a few extension rings. Please send me a photo of your jewellery as well the materials it is made from and I will be able to give you a quote. You can email me at, WhatsApp me on 086 3522191 or send me a private message via Facebook

How Fay Designs Repair Service Works
I will let you know when your repair arrives to me in the post. After I have examined your jewellery I will email you to let you know exactly what I will need to do and how much it will cost. When I have completed the repair I will contact you to let your know that I am posting your jewellery back to you. If you have any queries at any time please email me at or text or call me on 086 3522191.

I will return your jewellery to you well packaged and in a padded envelope to ensure it arrive with you safely. Any spare components or beads will also be returned to you.

Some like their spare beads made into earrings. The cost will depend on the materials you would like used in your design e.g. gold filled, sterling silver, copper, silver or gold plated. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this option.

Geraldine Fay

Tel: 086 3522191
Text or WhatsApp me at 086 3522191