Professional Jewellery Polishing Cloth


Ultra soft jewellery cleaning cloth

100% two cloth system

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This professional polishing cloth is designed to clean and polish precious metals such as gold, silver rhodium and platinum jewellery, silver plated jewellery, silver cutlery and precious metal housewares. The inner cloth is treated with a tarnish and will remove grime and tarnish easily. While cleaning, the inner (white) cloth will turn black – this is normal.

After all grime is removed gentle buff and polish with the dark outer cloth to restore your jewellery to a brilliant shine. World Professional Polishing Cloth will restore lustre to your precious metal jewellery without scratching or removing the finish.

Directions for Use: Use the inner polishing cloth to remove tarnish, dirt or grime. Work the cloth gently in small circular movemebts and fold to get into any difficult areas. When all tarnish is removed give your jewellery a gentle rub with the outer (navy) buffing cloth to restore a radiant shine. Heavily tarnished pieces may require more rubbing and polishing.

Not for use on semi-precious gemstones or pearls.

Cleaning cloths are much kinder to your precious jewellery than liquid cleaners or jewellery dips. If you have a piece that had a mix of precious metal and gemstone or pearl, you will not be able to use a liquid cleaner. A cloth allows you to clean the metal in between the stones.

Cloth size is 30cm by 35 cm (12 inches x 13.75 inches). This is a professional jeweller’s size and will last for many years. Do not wash this cloth or you will remove the jewellery cleaning properties.

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