Granny’s Babies Personalised Keyring


The disc and washers are secured on a 16mm secure ring and finished with a heart or round stainless steel fob (25mm – 1 inch).

If you wish, I can stamp Granny’s given name instead of the word ‘Granny’ – see the menu option above. The 32mm disc will fit a maximum of 9 letters on 1 line. If Gran’s name contains more than 9 letters I will have to stamp them in 3mm lowercase to make them fit.

This design has a decent weighty feel to it and would make a good quality gift. Please be mindful that this pendant is stamped by hand, letter by letter and might have sight offsets or misalignments. This is the beauty of hand-stamping and should be considered a feature of this unique product and not a flaw.

Your keyring will arrive in a metallic silver drawstring bag in a pretty presentation gift box.


A quality stylish keyring made, with love, just for Gran. You can also stamp this design with “Mum’s Crew, Mum’s Babies, Your Family Name, Aunt’s Name, Sister’s Name”, you can stamp it with just about anything you like.

A 32mm bright silver pewter disc is hand stamped with the words “Grannys Babies” in 3mm uppercase letters. Underneath is stamped a stick boy or girl to represent her grandchildren. Behind the disc are pewter washers (25mm) each stamped with the name of a grandchild.

This design contains up to 4 washers.

Keyring is made to order and will take up to 3 days to complete before posting.