Marisol Swarovski Crystal Hair Vine


This is a made to order item so please allow 3 days to complete before posting

Choose your length and wire colour from the menus below;


An enchanting design with petite Swarovski crystals on a delicate twisted wire vine.

Each trio of dainty 4mm bicone crystals catch and reflect the light in a dazzling display.

Marisol Crystal Hair Vine is crafted with tarnish resistant twisted silver or gold plated wire to create a flexible design that you can arrange it in any manner you desire. There are loops at each end of the hairvine so that it can easily be pinned to your hair.

Marisol will arrive wrapped in tissue paper in a beautiful presentation gift box.

A hair vine is a flexible hair accessory made of flexible wire with a loop at each end to secure the design to your hair. The wire is very flexible and can be shaped in a variety of ways to suit any hairstyle making this the perfect accessory for both long and short wedding hair.

If you have your hair up the hairvine can be pinned around buns and up-styles. Or it can be pinned across the front of the hair as a tiara or set on the side of your style for a contemporary look.

If you have short hair the vine can be threaded with ribbon through the loop at each end and be worn like an Alice band.

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