Prevent Tarnish Jewellery Pouch


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Anti-Tarnish Pouches are a great way to protect your precious jewellery. There are countless jewellery pouches for sale but not all help prevent your jewellery from tarnishing – most are simply storage pouches. Although anti-tarnish pouches are slightly more expensive than a standard jewellery pouch you will find they are well worth the cost.

Intercept Technology™ pouches are one of the best on the market and offer long-term protection against tarnish and corrosion for the jewellery items stored inside it. The treated velveteen pouch is environmentally friendly and non toxic. It measures 11cm by 9cm and is large enough to hold most jewellery pieces.

The pouch will continue to work as long as it is not washed. Washing will remove the anti-tarnish properties from the fabric.


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