Jewellery Sizing

Before placing your order it is advisable to read this guide for correct necklace and bracelet sizing. The information provided below will help you make sure your chosen piece fits you just right and will save you from the expense and hassle of returning your jewellery for resizing.

Feel free to contact me, Geraldine, if you have any queries regarding sizing or if you need to special order a custom jewellery size. If you find that you do need to return your jewellery because it doesn’t fit properly please refer to the Return Policy and read the information below to determine the correct size when reordering.



Are you unsure what length to order? The list below is a guide to traditional necklace lengths for the average woman. Of course, everyone’s preferred necklace length is unique and will depend on body shape, preferred fit, clothing style and necklace design e.g. a fine necklace will fit differently than a chunky one and the exact length of a long necklace is not as important as that of a short one.

Adult Necklace Lengths

  • 30.5-35.5cm (12-14 inches): snug fit around the neck (choker)
  • 40.5cm (16 inches): approximately at the neckline
  • 46cm (18 inches): approximately at the collarbone
  • 51cm (20 inches): a few inches below collarbone (approximately at mid-chest)
  • 55.5-61 cm (22-24 inches): approximately at or just above the décolletage
  • 61cm (24 inches): generally just below the décolletage
  • 76 cm (30 inches): a few inches below décolletage
  • 91.5 cm (36 inches): almost to waistline

How to measure your correct necklace size: The best way to determine the proper length for you is to measure a similar style necklace you already own. Another way is to drape a string around your neck and to cut it at the length that suits you. You can then use that measurement as a guide to ordering the closest length available in the style of your choice.

Most of my necklace designs are adjustable and the information regarding length is available in the product description. However, if you do not see the length you desire please contact me regarding a custom length. Please note that ordering a custom length may incur a small extra charge.

Adult Bracelet Lengths

  • Adult Petite 17.5cm (7 inches)
  • Adult Average 18.75cm (7.5 inches)
  • Adult average plus 20cm (8 inches)
  • Adult Large 21.25cm (8.5 inches)
  • Adult x-Large 22.5cm (9 inches)

Determining your Bracelet Size

Ensure that your new bracelet fits you perfectly by measuring your wrist or a favorite bracelet before ordering. The average women’s bracelet size is 19cm (7.5 inches) but, as we all know, wrists come in as many shapes and sizes as we do. Therefore, it is very important to double-check your wrist and bracelet size before ordering.

The best way to measure your wrist is to wrap a soft measuring tape or string around your wrist, just below your wrist bone and remember not to pull it too tight or leave it too loose. Cut the string at your exact wrist size. Add an extra 2cm (nearly an inch) and this is your correct bracelet size. If you are ordering a chunky bracelet you will need to add a little more to the length as chunky designs will need more length to sit comfortably.

You can also measure one of your own bracelets for your correct size. Remember to measure it from end to end including the clasp.

Most of my bracelet designs are adjustable but some are not. You will find the relevant information in the product description. If you are unsure whether a bracelet is adjustable or have any other queries please contact me.


Your little girl will feel special and just like one of the “big girls” when you give her a gift of my jewellery. Fay Designs Jewellery make ideal gifts for special occasions or just to show you care.

Use the size information below as a general guide but keep in mind that young children come in all shapes and sizes and grow at different rates. You should measure your child’s neck or wrist as you would an adult (see above) to make sure their necklace or bracelet will fit them comfortably.

Below are the necklace and bracelet lengths for the average child. Please note, these sizes are approximate guidelines only. For a more accurate size please measure your child as above.

Childrens’ Necklace Lengths

  • 25.5 cm (10 inches): newborn – 3 months
  • 28 cm (11 inches): approximately 3 months – 1 year
  • 30.5 cm (12 inches): approximately 1 – 3 years
  • 35.5 cm (14 inches): approximately 3 – 7 years
  • 38 cm (15 inches): approximately 7 – 10 years
  • 40.5 cm (16 inches): approximately 10 – 13 years
  • 14+ years please see adult sizes

Childrens’ Bracelet Lengths

  • 3 years 13.75cm (5.5 inches)
  • 4-5 years 15cm (5.75 inches)
  • 6-7 years 15cm (6 inches)
  • 8-9 years 15.6cm (6.25 inches)
  • 10-11 years 16.25cm (6.5 inches)
  • 12-13 years 16.9cm (6.75 inches)
  • 14 years 17.5cm (7 inches)

All my childrens designs include extension chains so that the jewellery will grow with them and hopefully they will be able wear it for a few years to come. Girls age 14 and older should order an adult size.

FOR SAFETY it is best if children under the age of 3 years do not wear jewellery as the small parts may cause a choking hazard. If they must wear jewellery please only allow them to do so under supervision. It is never advisable to wear jewellery overnight, especially necklaces or chains, as this may cause a choking hazard. medium: 19cm (7.5 inches) | Adult – large: 20.3cm (8 inches) | Adult – XL: 21.6cm (8.5 inches)