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January Birthstone Jewellery | Garnet Jewellery

January Birthstone Garnet

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Collection of January birthstone jewellery

Beautiful January Birthstone Jewellery for adults and children. Shop Swarovski crystal birthstone jewellery and Garnet gemstone jewellery.

Shop January Birthstone Jewellery

Children’s birthstone jewellery including children’s birthstone pendants, children’s birthstone necklaces, children’s birthstone bracelets and children’s birthstone earrings.

Birthstone Angel Crystal Pendant - January
Crystal Birthstone Angel Pendant
Sadhbh Birthstone Bracelet
Sadhbh Birthstone Bracelet
Nissa Personalised Birthstone Bracelet
Nissa Personalised Birthstone Bracelet

Beautiful Garnet Gemstone Jewellery with garnet gemstone earrings and garnet gemstone pendant.

Garnet Gemstone Earrings
Aisling Garnet Gemstone Earrings
garnet gemstone pendant necklace
Aisling Garnet Gemstone Pendant

Mother / Grandmother Birthstone Bracelet

This sterling silver birthstone charm bracelet is a great gift for Gran or Mum. Crafted entirely in sterling silver with 6mm Swarovski crystal birthstones, one birthstone for each child/grandchild and adorned with a sterling silver 10mm filigree heart and 9mm baby bird.

Sterling Silver Keepsake Birthstone Bracelet for Mother / grandmother

Irish handmade collection of January birthstone jewellery crafted with garnet birthstone gemstones and Swarovski birthstone crystals, garnet birthstone jewellery and children’s January birthstone jewellery.

Ashley pearl birthstone bracelet
Ashley Birthstone Bracelet

Shop January Birthstone Jewellery

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