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Tiaras, Vines & Hair Jewellery

Hair Vines & Hair Jewellery

Hair vines are crafted from flexible silver or gold plated wire and embellished with Swarovski Crystal, crystal, pearl, shell or other semi-precious gemstones. . . . . . .

Eibhlin Pearl Hairvine
Eibhlin Pearl Hairvine

Each vine varies in length but, as they are so flexible they can be bent into any shape and twisted into your hair, they are completely adaptable to any hair style.

Khloe Swarovski Crystal Hair Vine
Khloe Swarovski Crystal Vine

Hairvines are becoming one of the most popular hair accessories for Weddings, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation. Inspired by the beautiful flowering vines in gardens and woodlands, bridal vines are as versatile as they are elegant.

Margot Freshwater Pearl Hairvine

Your hair vine can be as simple or as elaborate as you like depending on your hair style and length. Up-dos look breathtaking with hair vine headbands or side pieces. To really lift long wavy hair above the ordinary, style it in a simple braid and intertwine with a long vine.

Marisol Crystal Vine

Vines can be attached using hairpins or tied with a ribbon at the back. If you are twining it through long hair you simply wrap the hair around the vine to secure it in place.

Eden Freshwater Pearl Vine

Up-dos and Short Hair: If you have short hair or are wearing your hair up, your hair vine can be worn as a headband, a forehead band or a side piece. If you choose a long vine you can wrap your vine entirely around your head and twist ends together to secure or tuck under and secure with hairpins. If you choose a short hair vine you can wear it across the top of your head or forehead and secure it with hairpins.

Long / Medium Length Hair: A popular style for long (or longish) hair is to entwine a long crystal or pearl vine into a loose plait. Secure the top of the vine with a hairpin or attach underneath the band and plait through with one of the strands of hair. This very simple style is breathtaking beautiful. You can also wear your vine wrapped around or through buns, twists and knots.

Or you can go for a different look with my exquisite handcrafted hair pins.

Lorette Freshwater Pearl Hairpins

Lili Pearl Swarovski Crystal Hairpins
Lili Pearl & Crystal Hairpins

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Custom designs are available on request.

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