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Jun 2019

Fay Designs bandana bibs are the perfect stylish solution for drooling babies.

Fay Designs is an online children's jewellery shop in County Louth who specialise in selling Christening bracelets in Ireland.

With a

Baby carrier ring slings consist of a length of fabric pulled through two rings, creating a pouch to comfortable carry

Baby changing bags in Ireland are available from Fay Designs. As an online baby shop in Ireland, Fay Designs stock

May 2019

Shop Mens Baby Changing Bags in Ireland with a range of stylish Daddy changing bags just for men, buy mens

Why buy organic clothing for your baby? Organic baby clothing is made with natural organic cotton and is chemical and

Feb 2019

Jan 2019

Hair accessories can bring your wedding day look together and when it comes to bridal hair accessories there are several

Dec 2018

Shop Handmade Jewellery

Why has Handmade Jewellery become so popular in the last few years? More and more people are buying

Not all handmade jewellery is created equal. Here at Fay Designs we pride ourselves on using only quality materials to

With Valentine's Day coming closer, we thought we would share some of our unique Valentine jewellery gift ideas with you.