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Christening Bracelets

Fay Designs is an online children’s jewellery shop in County Louth who specialise in selling Christening bracelets in Ireland.

With a range of Christening bracelets for girls and boys, Fay Designs help celebrate your little one’s special day with Irish handcrafted Christening bracelets and keepsake bracelets for babies.

pearl baby bracelet Ireland
Lottie Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

The Christening bracelets in Ireland stocked by Fay Designs include; pearl christening bracelets, sterling silver christening bracelets, personalised christening bracelets, naming day bracelets, baptism bracelets, keepsake bracelets and baby bracelets.

baby christening bracelet
Bonny Pearl Christening Bracelet

Pearl Christening bracelets in Ireland are available from Fay Designs.

The pearl Christening bracelets in Ireland sold by Fay Designs include; freshwater pearl christening bracelets, natural pearl christening bracelets, cultured pearl christening bracelets, swarovski pearl christening bracelets, white pearl christening bracelets, cream pearl christening bracelets, pink pearl christening bracelets, pearl baptism bracelets, pearl name day bracelets and pearl baby bracelets.

Sterling silver Christening bracelets in Ireland are available from Fay Designs.

boys Christening bracelet Ireland
Boy’s Personalised Christening Bracelet

Christening Bracelets for Boys and Girls

Available in a range of styles, Fay Design’s sterling silver Christening bracelets are handmade in County Louth and all Christening bracelets come beautifully gift boxed.

The sterling silver Christening bracelets in Ireland stocked by Fay Designs includes sterling silver; pearl Christening bracelets, boys Christening bracelets, girls Christening bracelets, baby bracelets, beaded Christening bracelets and custom made Christening bracelets.

Personalised Christening bracelets in Ireland are provided by Fay Designs.

personalised christening bracelet
Emily Personalised Christening Bracelet

The personalised Christening bracelets in Ireland available from Fay Designs includes; Christening name bracelets, letter block Christening bracelets, initial Christening bracelets, personalised baptism bracelets, personalised name day bracelets, personalised keepsake bracelets and personalised baby bracelets.

christening bracelets Ireland