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Crown Chakra for Spiritual Growth

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Referred to as the “Well of Higher Knowledge”, the Crown Chakra is often depicted in art as a lotus flower and symbolises spiritual awakening.

White, violet and purple gemstones are associated with the Crown Chakra and many wear these gemstone jewellery colours to help cleanse their spirit and awaken their intuition.

The most popular gemstones to open and clear your Crown Chakra are

Clear Quartz: Opens and activates the third eye and the crown chakra. Cleanses the aura and removes energy stagnations. Lifts your awareness to higher planes and allows you to move forward in life.

rock crystal copper bracelet
Rock Crystal Copper Bracelet

Amethyst: This gemstone facilitates meditation and assists in your communication with your angels. Clears the mind and allows constructive thinking, which can help us to understand the root causes of imbalance or disease. Allow us to see self destructive behaviour patterns and the causes of addictive habits. A wonderful gemstone to encourage clarity of mind.

Laoise Amethyst Gemstone Earrings
Laoise Amethyst Gemstone Earrings

The Crown Chakra is the highest of the 7 chakras and is the most spiritual of all the chakras. It sits at the top of your head and points upwards to the heavens.

A strong Crown Chakra allow you to feel a deep feeling of connection and trust in the world about you. You feel that you can cope with, and rise above, your problems. You generally feel a sense of calm and peace throughout your day.

If your Crown Chakra is weak you will have a general feeling of disconnection. Nothing will inspire you, you never feel a sense of achievement with life and you are never happy, no matter how much money or posessions you have. You may have a very cynical outlook on life and never take joy in the little things. Withour the lifting energy of your Crown Chakra, you may find life a bit dull, flat and meaningless.

Crown Chakra gemstone jewellery makes a beautiful gift for your closest friend, for those you love who believe in angels, for those who need inspiration in their life, for those who are in need of spiritual lifting and for yourself on your journey through your life.