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First Communion Gifts for Boys

first communion gifts for boys

Spring is almost here and across the country boys and girls are starting to prepare for their First Holy Communion. So it goes without saying that this is a very special occasion for the whole family to celebrate together.

Shop First Communion Bracelets

First Communion gifts are customary on this occasion. However, boys are much more difficult to buy for than girls. So hopefully this post will give you a few ideas for First Communion gifts for boys.

Caiseal is a stylish Communion bracelet for boys crafted with 6mm faceted Swarovski jet crystal and bright sterling silver beads. Personalise Caiseal bracelet by adding his name in 4.5mm solid sterling silver letter cubes.


Sterling silver jewellery is the classic gift for First Holy Communion and our sterling silver boys bracelets don’t disappoint. Above are two variations of the classic sterling silver bracelet design.


Shop all First Communion Jewellery

Carraig is one of our most popular boys First Communion bracelets with a masculine geometric look. Designed all in sterling silver, Caiseal features silver coated crystal cubes and his name is spelled in sterling silver cube beads.

Carraig personalised bracelet for boys comes stylishly gift boxed and makes a perfect First Communion gift for boys.


Naofa First Communion Rosary beads for Boys

Onyx Gemstone First Holy Communion Rosary Beads

Rosaries are a traditional symbol of faith and are a popular First Holy Communion gift.

At Fay Designs we make handmade rosaries crafted with traditional wire wrapping techniques.

View all our Handmade Rosaries here

All Fay Designs First Communion gifts for boys come stylishly gift boxed.

We can post your gift directly to the recipient and can also include a complimentary gift message.

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How to clean jewellery

how to clean jewellery

 If your diamond ring has lost its luster or your silver or gold bracelet is starting to tarnish, you don’t have to pay big money to a jeweller to make them sparkle again. The following  solutions will show you how to clean your jewellery so it looks like new again.

Keva Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Caring for Pearl Jewellery

When cleaning your pearl jewellery it is recommended to use a mild, non-detergent soap, lukewarm water and soft cloth (preferably 100% cotton). Dip the cloth in the water and gently rub the pearl in a circular motion.  Do not use excessive pressure. Lie flat on a towel and allow to air dry. Never soak your pearl jewellery as pearl is an absorbent material and soaking will cause them to swell and crack. Clean your pearl jewellery regularly and avoid excessive contact with perfume, dirt and skin oil. Remember to always put your pearl jewellery on last, after you have applied makeup and perfume.

Never store pearl jewellery in an airtight container or plastic bags as this can cause their quality to deteriorate; some plastics may even emit chemicals that can harm pearl jewellery. Protect pearl jewellery from temperature extremes and chemicals, such as alcohol and hairspray, as these can erode the surface. Never leave your pearls in a hot area such as a sunlit windowsill or on a radiator.

Wear your pearls often as they thrive on your skin, the natural oils from your skin will help to keep your pearl necklace in top condition. Also avoid soaking in chlorinated water or any liquid. If you have hand-strung pearls then have them restrung every few years as the silk string usually has a life of no more than 8 years.

Storing pearl jewellery for long periods can dry them out and fracture the surface. Wear them regularly, pearls love to be worn. Store your pearls flat, as opposed to hanging them, thus avoiding stretching the thread prematurely.

Heart of a Teacher Pendant

Caring for Silver Jewellery

Silver in its pure form is very soft, too soft to be used for silver jewellery and other items, so it is mixed with other metals to make it more durable. A popular silver mixture, called an alloy, is known as sterling silver.

Jewellery sold in Ireland cannot be marked or described as silver, solid silver, sterling silver, sterling, or using the abbreviation Ster. unless it contains at least 92.5 % pure silver. The minimum silver content can also be stated as 925 parts per thousand of pure silver, so you might see the figures 925 or 92.5 used to mark silver content. Copper is the most common metal used to round out the 7.5 percent alloy balance in sterling silver. It adds hardness to pure silver jewellery, but brings with it a tendency to tarnish (a darkening that occurs when sterling silver reacts with gases in the air or with other substances that it comes in contact with.)

Storing Silver Jewellery

Ideally you should store your sterling silver jewellery in air tight tarnish prevention cloths or bags. The treated cloth slows down the tarnishing process and keeps the jewellery from rubbing against harder jewellery that can scratch it. Try to keep your sterling silver jewellery in a cool, dry place. You can also place it in an air tight bag with a piece of chalk. Chalk is highly absorbent and will absorb any moisture in the air around your silver thus really slowing down tarnishing.

Professional Jewellery Polishing Cloth
Professional Jewellery Polishing Cloth

 Cleaning Your Silver Jewellery

Clean sterling silver jewellery with a phosphate free detergent. A low abrasive cleaner is a good choice for removing light tarnish, or you can use a silver polishing cloth if you don’t like mess. A good cloth should last for several years. Some people use toothpaste to clean their sterling silver jewellery, but most silver experts caution against it because they feel toothpaste is too abrasive and leaves dulling scratches on fine silver jewellery.

Sterling Silver Patina

Sterling silver jewellery that is worn continually often develops a lovely silver patina, a kind of glow combined with darkened areas. If you like the look, leave it alone. If you prefer a bright and shiny look for your sterling silver jewellery, use polish to restore your jewellery to its original appearance.

Caring for your Gemstones

Clean opaque semi precious gemstone jewellery, such as opal jewellery, lapis lazuli jewellery, jade jewellery, turquoise jewellery and malachite jewellery, by wiping it with a moist lint free cloth after each wearing. Avoid exposing gemstone jewellery to soap and water as these gemstones are porous.

Clean organic gemstones such as pearls, coral and amber by wiping them with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove dust and body oils from the gemstones. Protect gemstone jewellery from exposure to hairspray, perfume or cosmetics, as the chemicals in these products can damage organic gemstone jewellery over time.

Separate gemstone jewellery pieces as hard gemstone jewellery can scratch softer gemstone jewellery. This can be done by placing them in separate sections within your jewellery box, using fabric pouches, or wrapping them in separate pieces of soft cloth.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Earrings

Light Sensitive Stones

Many semi precious gemstones will bleach in strong light if left exposed for long periods of time. Gemstone jewellery will lose it’s bright colour and eventually become drab and unattractive. The gemstone jewellery most vulnerable to sunlight include amethyst jewellery, ametrine jewellery, aquamarine jewellery, aventurine jewellery, chrysoprase jewellery, citrine jewellery, rose quartz jewellery, smoky quartz jewellery, fluorite jewellery and topaz jewellery.

Do not use Chemical Cleaners

Many types of gemstone jewellery will be adversely affected by harsh chemical cleaners, which will discolour them and some may eventually break apart. The gemstones which are particularly vulnerable include amber jewellery, aquamarine jewellery, coral jewellery, emerald jewellery, jade jewellery, lapis jewellery, opal jewellery, pearl jewellery, mother of pearl jewellery and turquoise jewellery. It is never advisable to use chemicals on any type of gemstone jewellery.

Professional jewellery cleaning

Caring for Copper and Brass Jewellery

Surprisingly, copper jewellery and brass jewellery are very simple to care for. While they do tarnish more quickly than silver jewellery, they can be restored to their original shine very easily. Methods for cleaning and polishing copper jewellery and brass jewellery include

using tomato ketchup, worcestershire sauce or vinegar. As unlikely as it sounds, the acetic acid in these substances will shine up copper and brass very nicely. Apply them carefully with a toothbrush or soft cloth, leave on for a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid rinsing if your jewellery also contains pearl or water absorbent stones such as opals, lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise and malachite.

Disclaimer: In this post I have discussed the generally accepted way to clean your jewellery. I follow these methods and have always been happy with the results. Whilst the information given above is provided in good faith, I do not recommend you do anything unless you are personally certain that no harm will come to your jewellery as a result of the cleaning. I do not take any responsibility for damage which ensues from your actions.

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Jewellery Buying Guide

Handmade Jewellery Ireland

Not all handmade jewellery is created equal. Here at Fay Designs we pride ourselves on using only quality materials to create our handmade jewellery, that means using strong jewellery wire to prevent breakages and strong components that stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Aventurine Gemstone Earrings

I personally design and create each piece of jewellery so you can rest assured that when you purchase Fay Designs jewellery, it is of the highest standard . . . . Geraldine Fay.

My jewellery is created with the best quality beads I can find, no matter the price of the design, i.e. even my lower price range jewellery uses good quality gemstones, crystals and pearls.

I purchase all beads and jewellery components from Ireland, the U.K. and Europe and all materials used to make my jewellery designs comply with current European safety regulations.

Browse Contemporary Jewellery Collection

Pearl Jewellery

All jewellery purchases comes with a 30 day no quibble return guarantee. Even if you simply change you mind for absolutely no reason you can return your jewellery for an exchange or a 100% purchase price refund. This refund does not include postage costs.

Shop my children’s jewellery collection with children’s jewellery designs in sterling silver and gold. Beautiful First Holy Communion jewellery for boys and girls including 1st Communion rosary beads in beautiful pearl and crystal.

Browse Chrildrens Jewellery

Sadhbh Birthstone Bracelet

A choice of birthstone jewellery is available with birthstone pendants, birthstone necklaces, birthstone bracelets and birthstone earrings. Swarovski crystal birthstone jewellery is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to more traditional gemstone birthstone jewellery.

Children especially like the sparkle and shine of Swarovski crystal birthstone jewellery.

Browse Birthstone Jewellery

All sterling silver jewellery is .925 stamped sterling silver and the majority of my jewellery designs are crafted in sterling silver, although I also love creating copper jewellery and gold jewellery.

Matching mother and daughter jewellery

Beautiful matching mother and daughter jewellery in sterling silver with freshwater pearl, gemstone or crystal. Each matching mother daughter jewellery set is crafted with great attention to detail and come in elegant matching gift boxes.

Collection of personalised jewellery and birthstone jewellery designed just for Grandma. Elegant sterling silver bracelets with all her grandchildrens birthstones and personalised with her name or an endearment. Each piece of grandmother jewellery comes in a stylish gift box.

Personalised birthstone bracelet

Unique high quality sterling silver personalised jewellery for children and adults. Designed to commemorate those special moments in life with hand stamped personalised bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

Browse 1st Communion Jewellery

Celebrate her birthday with a personalised birthstone bracelet or personalised birthstone pendant. Personalised first communion jewellery in sterling silver with boys personalised communion jewellery and girls personalised communion jewellery.

View all Jewellery Designs

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Valentine Jewellery Gifts

valentine jewellery gifts

With Valentine’s Day coming closer, we thought we would share some of our unique Valentine jewellery gift ideas with you.

Ruby Rondelle Gemstone Earrings
Ruby Rondelle Gemstone Earrings

All our Valentine jewellery comes beautifully gift boxed, ready for giving. If you wish, you can have your Valentine gift delivered directly to the recipient and you can also include a Valentine gift message for a personal touch.

Muirin Gemstone Bracelet

“I Love You” Morse Code bracelet is the perfect Valentine gift. Designed all in sterling silver with dainty silver beads spelling the words “I love you” in morse code and finished with a sterling silver heart charm.

I love you morse code bracelet
“I Love You” morse code bracelet

Go Valentine geometric with our on trend hand forged sterling silver earrings on contemporary hammered ear hooks.

Anais Sterling Silver Earrings
Anais Sterling Silver Earrings

The perfect Valentine jewellery gift for February birthdays. Tia is a beautiful handcrafted sterling silver pendant featuring a stunning 10mm sparkling Swarovski crystal in February birthstone amethyst.

Tia Crystal Pendant in February Amethyst
Tia Sterling Silver Pendant

WoW her with our raw amethyst gemstone earrings. A sterling silver earring design featuring stunning unpolished amethyst gemstone nuggets on sterling silver leverback ear wires.

Raw Amethyst Gemstone Earrings
Raw Amethyst Gemstone Earrings

All our handcrafted Valentine jewellery comes beautifully gift boxed.

View our Valentine Jewellery Collection

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Peridot for August

So August has arrived and for those of you who have a birthday this month, your birthstone is the beautiful Peridot.

Peridot is a gorgeous lime green colour and are associated with prosperity, love and positive change.

Caoilainn Gemstone Earrings

Peridot gemstones open our hearts to joy and new relationships, enhance confidence and assertion and motivate positive growth and change. They sharpen thinking and open the mind to new levels of awareness and help banish lethargy, apathy and exhaustion. A great gemstone to enable you to take responsibility for your own life.

Birthstone Angel Crystal Pendant - AugustWe love Peridot here at Fay Designs, with it’s uniquely beautiful green colour that looks great with with gold, silver, bronze or copper.

Nissa Personalised Birthstone BraceletSome interesting facts about Peridot

 1. Celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary with peridot gemstone,

2. Small amounts of peridot have been discovered in meteorites, making it one of the few minerals to exist outside of our solar system,

3. Peridot is the national gemstone of Egypt

Tree of Life Birthstone PendantTia Crystal Pendant in August Peridot

Browse more birthstone jewellery


Browse children’s birthstone jewellery


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An Enchanted Touch – Hairvines

Wedding Bridal Hairvines - Fay Designs

I just love hairvines. They are so flexible and will work with any hair style. . . . . . .

Continue reading An Enchanted Touch – Hairvines

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Recycling The Past

Fay Designs Recycled Jewellery

I recently read an article about a woman who was left an old coin collection by her grandmother and she decided to have the coins made into a necklace to wear as a sentimental piece.

I totally understand where she is coming from. I have several items of sentimental value, worthless but valuable to me, and have made them into bracelets so I can keep the memories close to me.

Rock Crystal Copper Bracelet

Old pearl necklaces can be restrung or made into completely new designs. When I am redesigning such a necklace I carefully take each pearl from the original cord and clean and polish it before restringing or redesigning. If redesigning I usually try to make a matching set, necklace, earrings and maybe bracelet.Minimal Pearl EarringsValentia Pearl NecklaceA popular choice is to make matching mother and daughter or sisters jewellery – a wonderful way to share an heirloom piece.


image of pearl bracelets mother and daughter jewellery

Another recent project was reworking a broken rosary into a new design. Some of the pearls were missing and it is next to impossible to find exact copies of older pearls. Some creative thinking was needed for this project but the finished rosary worked out beautifully.Maol Íosa Immaculate Heart RosaryI find it quite sad that items and jewellery full of memories are left in a box simply because they are unable to be worn. I love to bring these old pieces back to life for another generation to wear and love.

Upcycled jewellery is especially popular for brides, “something old, something new” and a beautiful way to remember loved ones on your special day.

White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

If you would like me to redesign or repair your jewellery send me a photo of the piece and tell me what design you would like. If you are unsure what you can do with it, browse my website Fay Designs for inspiration.

Photos can be emailed to me at, text or Whatsapp to 086 3522191 or private message me via Facebook, Geraldine


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Statement Jewellery Style Tips

Fay Designs Statement Jewellery

 Wearing jewellery is the perfect way to bring life to your outfit and enhance your best features. What better way to complete your look than with a bold striking attention grabbing piece of jewellery.

Oilean Blue Gemstone NecklaceStatement pieces are designed to have fun with, but if not worn correctly they can make the wrong statement.

The beauty of statement jewellery is that it often takes just one piece to make you stand out. The key is to keep it simple and either work your outfit around one big eye catching piece or add several coordinating pieces to strike the right balance.

Aeslin Gemstone Necklace

Statement jewellery comes in all colours, shapes and sizes. They can work wonders with a simple dress or can draw attention to parts of yourself that you would like to emphasise.

Raw Amethyst Gemstone Earrings

Follow these simple rules to make sure people will look at you in awe rather than dismay;

  1. Less is More: Bold pieces should be allowed to stand out so don’t overcrowd your look by wearing several pieces too close to each other. Wear one piece at a time but if you do want to wear more than one piece make sure they are set far enough apart so as not to clash. In other words, it’s not a good idea to wear statement rings and bracelets on the same side or a collar necklace with long earrings.
  2. Chandelier earrings can look amazing with a statement bracelet as can a long necklace and bracelet. Just be sure to stick to the same metal and colour scheme.Brionna Pearl Earrings
  3. Layered chains can work if worn correctly. Don’t layer too many strands and don’t overload on the sparkle.
  4. If you are wearing a belt then avoid wearing long necklaces as there will be too much going on around the same area. Bib necklaces can stand alone as your sole piece of jewellery,it’s best to let these larger necklaces take centre stage.
  5. Big jewellery is best worn with simple clothes. Steer clear of busy patterns and embellishments when wearing statement jewellery e.g. sequins, bows, buttons. The little black dress (or red dress, or white dress) is perfect for one or two statement pieces. Jeans and a white top form the perfect backdrop for strong colour jewellery. Stick to neutral or block colours when wearing vibrant or detailed jewellery. Less busy jewellery work better with patterned clothing.
  6. Statement earrings are beautifully ornamental as are the first thing people will notice when talking to you. Make sure you choose an earring style that perfectly frames your face. Choose to suit your facial shape and to enhance your features. Also take ear size and hair colour and length into consideration when choosing earrings.
  7. When wearing long earrings it’s best to keep your hair sleek and not too “big”. It’s all about balance – big earrings, small hair. Pull your hair into a simple bun and wear brightly coloured earrings, but be sure to tone down your make-up so the bright colours won’t clash.
  8. Match your necklace with the right neckline to make sure your statement necklace really stands out. Strapless tops, off the shoulder, scoop or v necks are ideal for large necklaces and they don’t distract and they let the jewellery do the talking.
  9. Avoid collars or detailing around the neck area of your top as this will distract from your necklace. Wear a multi colour necklace with a single colour top to avoid clashing. Attention grabbing necklaces work well with single colour tops or neutral tones and will keep your look elegant.
  10. Statement bracelets work well on bare arms or over a close fitting sleeve. Stick to one bracelet to create a focal point.You can stack more minimal bracelets with bangles as long as the metals co-ordinate and the colours don’t conflict.

Midhe Gemstone BraceletRemember, statement jewellery is supposed to make a statement and to help you finish your overall outfit.

Visit here to see more jewellery designs


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Marriage Begins with a Wedding

A Marriage Begins

Your bridal jewellery is an essential part of your wedding attire.

The perfect necklace, an exquisite pair of earrings and eye-catching tiara will complete your outfit and look beautiful in your wedding photographs.

Valentia Freshwater Pearl Necklace

If you are still searching for the perfect jewellery for your perfect day then why not take a look at my exclusive design range. I have so many heavenly designs at down to earth prices.

Bethany Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Bethany Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Each piece is exclusive to Fay designs and crafted by hand in Ireland to the highest standards. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

White Pearl Bar Necklace
White Pearl Bar Necklace

What about something for your Bridesmaids or a gift for mother of the Bride? Look no further, I can duplicate designs or create something truly unique for you.

Tamsin Pearl Necklace

I also offer a custom made service so if you have something special in mind I will be happy to help you make your dream design come true.

Caralee Matching Bracelets

View Tiara and Hair Accessory Designs Here

Eibhlin Pearl Hairvine
Eibhlin Pearl Hairvine

View more of my Jewellery Designs here


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Tiaras, Vines & Hair Jewellery

Hair Vines & Hair Jewellery

Hair vines are crafted from flexible silver or gold plated wire and embellished with Swarovski Crystal, crystal, pearl, shell or other semi-precious gemstones. . . . . . . Continue reading Tiaras, Vines & Hair Jewellery

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Jewellery for Teenagers

Jewellery for Teens

Teenagers are so much more sophisticated nowadays than we were in my day (the 80’s). Back then we were happy to . . . . . . Continue reading Jewellery for Teenagers

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Keep it Simple – Less is More

Minimalist Jewellery

When it comes to accessorising, sometimes the best option is to keep it simple. After the big bold designs of 2015 and 2016, minimalist jewellery is making a comeback in 2017. . . . . . . Continue reading Keep it Simple – Less is More

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Engraving -v- Hand Stamping

Hand Stamped Jewellery - Fay Designs

What’s the difference between hand stamped and engraved? Continue reading Engraving -v- Hand Stamping

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Does Healing Jewellery really heal?

Bringing Harmony and Friendship Gemstone Bracelet

For some, the idea that jewellery can heal you is laughable. For others, it is a steadfast belief. People and beliefs differ but one thing is for sure – wearing certain gems and semi-precious gemstones won’t hurt you and they may actually help you. Continue reading Does Healing Jewellery really heal?