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Baby Changing Bags

baby changing bags Ireland
Keys Changing Bay – Pewter Leather

Fay Designs is an online baby shop in County Louth stocking a range of baby changing bags, free delivery is offered on all orders over €65.00 and changing bags for Dads and Mums are available.

As an online baby shop in Ireland, Fay Designs specialise in stylish and practical changing bags and our changing bags come in a range of prices to suit all budgets.

The changing bags in Ireland stocked by Fay Designs include; unisex changing bags, designer baby changing bags, changing bag backpacks, maternity bags, baby bags and baby changing bags for Dads.

designer baby changing bag

It wasn’t so long ago that baby changing bags came in either pink, blue or with baby prints. If you were lucky you might find a plastic changing bag with a spot design. But those days are well and truly over. Now you can find changing bags in a wide variety of styles and colours. Some changing bags don’t even look like a baby bag, so Mum can carry a bag that reflects her personality and style.

So what are your options for changing bags today? My personal favourites are changing bags that don’t look like changing bags but still have all the room and functionality to make Mum’s life easier. Baby bags with lots of pockets are a must to keep all your bits and bobs organised and easy to locate.

baby changing bag

Baby changing backpacks are becoming more popular. Baby backpacks leave both hands free and make shopping so easy. Our changing backpacks are lightweight, have more room than you could possibly need and all our backpacks are padded for comfortable wearing. If you are juggling a new baby and young children then a baby backpack can be your new best friend.

Do you really need a changing bag? When taking care of young children there are a lot of thing you will need to carry. You need bottles, water, snacks, nappies, spare clothes, wipes, bibs, toys, teething aids plus all your own items, so a changing bags is a must have item. And they make life so mush easier. With a pocket for everything, changing bags keeps everything in place and all baby’s items are grouped together so you can put your hand on them as you need them.

mens baby changing bags

Unisex baby changing bags in Ireland are available from Fay Designs Baby Shop.

Available in a range of styles, Fay Design’s unisex baby changing bags are ideal for Dads and Mums, with loads of interior space and unisex changing bags are ideal for holiday travel.

The unisex changing bags in Ireland supplied by Fay Designs include; mens baby changing bags, baby changing bags for men, baby changing bags for dad, best baby changing bags, backpack changing bags, messenger changing bags, cross body changing bags, adjustable changing bags and tactical changing bags.

changing bag backpack

Designer baby changing bags in Ireland are stocked by Fay Designs Baby Shop.

Luxury designer changing bags for the modern Mum on the go, choose from our range of stylish yet practical changing bags with lots of room for baby and Mum’s essentials.

The designer changing bags in Ireland available from Fay Designs Baby Shop include; floral changing bags, leather changing bags, designer changing bag backpacks, black designer changing bags, grey designer changing bags, pink designer changing bags, navy changing bags, rucksack changing bags, baby girl changing bags, baby boy changing bags and changing bags for twins.

Changing bag backpacks in Ireland are a specialty of Fay Designs Baby Shop.

Backback baby changing bags are multi functional and super practical, Fay Design’s changing backpacks don’t compromise style for function and baby changing backpacks are delivered throughout Ireland.

The changing bag backpacks in Ireland stocked by Fay Designs includes; mens baby changing backpacks, baby changing rucksacks, practical baby changing backpacks, high capacity baby changing backpacks, best changing bag backpacks, backpack changing bags, changing backpacks for twins, baby changing backpack for Mum, designer baby changing backpacks and convertible baby changing backpacks.

Baby Changing Bags Ireland
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Bandana Baby Bibs

bandana bibs ireland

Fay Designs is an online baby shop in County Louth who stock a wide range of Funky Giraffe bandana bibs for sale throughout Ireland.

As a Funky Giraffe baby bib stockist in Ireland, Fay Designs Baby Shop’s bandana bibs are ethically sourced OEKO TEX certified and all baby bibs are suitable for newborn babies.

The Funky Giraffe bandana bibs in Ireland available from Fay Designs includes Funky Giraffe; bandana baby bibs, dribble proof bibs, bibs for boys, bibs for girls and unisex bandana bibs.

bandana bibs for boys

Bandana baby bibs in Ireland are available from Fay Designs Baby Shop.

Fay Designs bandana bibs are the perfect stylish solution for drooling babies. Double layered with thick cotton over super absorbent fleece and an adjustable popper closure, bandana bibs are designed to tuck right up under baby’s chin to prevent any dribble from reaching your little on’e delicate skin.

The bandana baby bibs in Ireland stocked by Fay Designs include; Funky Giraffe bandana bibs, best bandana bibs, baby bandana bibs, boys bandana bibs, girls bandana bibs, dribble bibs, unisex bandana bibs, bibs for babies, bandana bib sets, cotton bandana bibs, newborn bandana bibs, dribble bibs, bandana weaning bibs and bandana feeding bibs.

bandana bibs for girls

Our dribble proof bandana bibs are as gorgeous as they are functional, protecting baby’s skin from moisture and baby’s clothes from mess. Baby bandana bibs are great baby fashion accessories, they look like items of clothing so your tot will be all set for dining out.

Suitable from birth, bandana bibs are made from super soft cotton and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. With adjustable popper closure, bandana baby bibs fit from newborn to approximately 3 years. The position of the poppers ensure that children can’t easily reach the closure and remove the bib.

What is the difference between a Bandana Baby Bib and a Standard Baby Bib?

I remember a time when you could only get one kid of baby bib. They had a thin layer of cotton on the front, horrible plastic backing and you tied them around baby’s neck with thin cotton ties. I really hated those ties. The more baby pulled on the bib, the tighter the knot became until, before long, you had a frustrated screaming baby an a knot you couldn’t undo.

Over the years baby bib designs have improved, but I have to admit, my all time favourite is the bandana bib. There isn’t anything I don’t like about bandana bibs. So easy to put on, stays securely in place, doesn’t get too tight around baby’s neck. catches ALL the dribble and they look great.

best baby bibs Ireland

And I am totally in love with Funky Giraffe bandana bibs. I love their designs but really love how they feel. They are double layered with an upper layer of luxurious thick cotton and the under layer is very absorbent fleece. They have 2 popper closures at the back so you can adjust them for a perfect fit. They bunch up slightly around baby’s neck to catch every bit of drool and they stay put when baby pulls at them.

Babies love them too. They are constantly handling them and often use them as a comforter when drifting off to sleep. And they are so easy to wash. Throw them in the washing machine with all the other washing – no problem. They dry is double quick time and stay looking god through many many washes.

If you are buying bandana bibs as a gift, we offer a free gift wrapping service, we can add your personal gift message and, if you wish, we can deliver your gift directly to the recipient.

funky giraffe bandana bibs Ireland