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April Birthstone Jewellery

April has several birthstones of which diamond is the most well known. However, diamond is a modern birthstone. The more traditional birthstone is actually sapphire, very popular during the middle ages.

Tree of Life Birthstone Pendant

An even more ancient April birthstone is the opal, popular during the Roman empire.

Elodie birthstone pendant necklace
Elodie Personalised Birthstone Pendant

Nowadays you will most likely see clear quartz being worn for April. Clear quartz, especially a good quality quartz like Swarovski, is very similar to diamond and much more friendly on your pocket.

Birthstone Angel Crystal Pendant - April
April Angel Crystal Pendant

Diamond is the symbol of enduring love (if you are lucky enough to get one), which is why they are popular in engagement rings.

Ashley Pearl Birthstone Bracelet

As a jewellery designer I love using gemstones that have meaning, so I have to say opal is my favourite April birthstone. White opals are, I think, the most beautiful. They are not merely white, when they catch the light they glow in a myriad of rainbow colours and fire opals, especially, glow with a stunning vibrant light.

Lulu Belle Silver Birthstone Earrings

Opals foster love, passion, loyalty, faithfulness, emotional expressiveness, warmth and spontaneity and are often associated with a feeling of peace and contentment They allow us to look into ourselves and be the best person that we can be.

Clainne Grandmother Bracelet
Clainne Family Birthstone Bracelet

If you were born  April then you share your birth month with William Shakespeare, Doris Day, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan, Al Pacino . . . just to name a few.

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