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Amethyst Birthstone Jewellery

February amethyst birthstone jewellery

Amethyst is one of my favourite gemstones. It is also one of the oldest and best loved gemstones in the world. Amethyst birthstone jewellery is my favourite way to wear purple. We have a wonderful collection of unique Irish handmade February birthstone jewellery with gorgeous February jewellery designs for adults and children.

Birthstone Angel Crystal Pendant - February
February Birthstone Angel Pendant

One of the main reason people have worn amethyst jewellery through the ages is because it is believed to promote clear thinking.

Tia Crystal Pendant in February Amethyst
Tia February Birthstone Pendant

In ancient Greek times it was believed that drinking from a cup made from amethyst that you would be protected from drunkenness. In the early middle ages, Saxon warriors wore amethyst to ensure a clear head while in battle.

Sterling silver amethyst birthstone earrings
Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings

If you have amethyst jewellery it is important that you do not expose it to too much heat. Heat can cause amethyst to fracture. All you need to clean your amethyst jewellery is to wash it in a little soapy water now and then.

amethyst gemstone bracelet
Intrigue Gemstone Bracelet

February Amethyst Birthstone Poem

The February born shall find

Sincerity and peace of mind

Freedom from passion and from care,

If they, the amethyst do wear.

Nowadays amethysts are worn to strengthen relationships and give the wearer courage. Is also provides welcome extra positive energy for the dreary month of February.

Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet
Valentia Amethyst Bracelet

An emotionally stimulating gemstone, amethyst inspires hidden creativity and awakens the imagination. It brings peace and serenity to those who wear it.

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Amethyst Gemstone Bar Pendant
Amethyst Gemstone Bar Necklace

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